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Thank you for visiting – you are now one step closer to support!

The impact of drugs and alcohol can be devastating to families, relationships communities and emotional wellbeing.

A family in distress needs someone to be there who they can talk to when they hit a brick wall in their progress, someone who can advise, support and reassure when they are too distressed to think what to do next, someone who will empathise when they have made a mistake and support them back to the path, and someone who will remind them and keep reminding them that they can succeed in reaching their goals, building self-confidence and self-belief.

Family Foundations can provide you/your family with positive, non-judgemental and bespoke packages of support. The project is set up to support you and your family achieve any of these aims ;

  • Parenting support (behaviour, routines, school attendance, tricky teens)
  • Coaching, mentoring and working towards personal goals, aspirations, employment and education.
  • Supporting to improve relationships with family and friends
  • Navigating and supporting to understand and improve relationships with other agencies, such as school, health visitors and social workers
  • Practical and individual support to overcome addiction
  • Practical help with any other problems you are facing to keep you and your children safe
  • Budgeting
  • Advice and guidance on safe storage of substances

If you feel you require any support or just an inform chat then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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