Strengthening Families and Communities in North Lincolnshire

Family Foundations was born in November 2016. The project is funded by the Community Fund (previous Big Lottery Fund). Our service was developed following the Government study on Hidden Harm in 2003. The report concluded that outcomes for children would not improve unless adults were supported and helped to overcome their substance misuse issues. Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire looked at its own experience, which suggested there was a need for an approach which was separate from statutory agencies, using volunteers to provide a bespoke family service.

Family Foundations employs two Family Support Co-ordinators and is managed by VANL’s Chief Executive. The project is run by a Steering Group of partnership agencies. To meet our Team, click here.


To improve outcomes for children, families and local communities affected by drugs and alcohol misuse. Reducing social exclusion, anti-social behaviour, drug/alcohol related harm, improving mental health and emotional wellbeing, access to local support services and activities.


To reduce the impact and devastation caused by misuse of alcohol and substances on children, young people and families. We will support and empower families through person centered approaches to achieve positive change and sustained recovery from addiction.


Reducing Sigma

Here at family foundations we are aware of the social isolation and stigma our families and relatives of addicts face daily and throughout their lifetimes. Our research tells us this leads to feelings of embarrassment and shame and can be a barrier to asking for and accessing support. We guarantee that our support will be provided free from prejudice regardless of circumstances. All of our families, volunteers and staff are treated equally, respectfully and with dignity in accordance with their personal needs. Our volunteers themselves reflect a diverse group of individuals all of whom bring unique skills and qualities to the service. They too, promote and increase awareness of drugs, alcohol and the barriers to recovery.

We value feedback

We understand that there is a plethora of research which helps us to develop our practice and decision making working with substance/alcohol misuse. However, we also equally value the feedback from our families, children,  volunteers and partner agencies to help us to know what support works for families day to day. We promise to ensure that our service will enable change and will not disable individuals and families. We promise that our support will never be one that “does to” people but will be one that “walks alongside”


Here at Family Foundations we are determined to make a difference. We are serious about the work that we do and the support we provide. We promise to provide a service that is free from judgement and stigma. Our commitment is to ensure that young people and families affected by drugs or alcohol are supported throughout their recovery, that they are accepted into their communities and they feel empowered to make positive changes. We are very committed to what we do and our partnerships with agencies, professionals and families. Our support is bespoke, individual, holistic and delivered to the highest standards.