Training Courses

Training with Family Foundations

Here at Family Foundations we are committed to ensuring that both our families and volunteers have access to opportunities for training and development.

Alongside our 9 week training programme our volunteers can access a large number of training courses within Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire and discounted training through our partnership agencies.

Individuals and families are able to access our bespoke Parenting Programme as well as training through Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire.

Family Foundations are also able to exclusively offer WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planing) training to all of our families :


WRAP offers a structured means by which people can maintain
wellness and recovery while focusing on the development of a wellbeing toolbox. WRAP
is underpinned by a number of core principles:

That recovery is possible (‘Hope’)
· That individuals should take personal responsibility for their own lives and well being (‘Personal Responsibility’)
· That it is important to know yourself, to be self aware (‘Education’)
· That it is important to believe in and advocate for oneself (‘ Self Advocacy’);
and that the support of others is vital (Support’)
You can have a short meeting with a trained WRAP facilitator to find out more about
WRAP meetings and whether it is something you feel you would like to attend….or just pop

Training within Family Foundations and Voluntary Action  is vast and ranges from First Aid, to counselling skills, managing anxiety, building confidence and self esteem and mindfulness to name a few. Why not head over to our training calendar below to see is what currently available.

If you cannot see the type of training you are looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss.

Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire Training Diary

Don’t see what you are looking for? Please contact us to discuss your training needs. We can provide bespoke training, packaged training and standard courses, depending on your needs. Our trainers are all externally qualified and accredited in their subject areas, and we can offer a full range of packages to suit your needs and budget – and because we have such excellent connections and flexibility we believe we can offer a most competitively priced solution for you and your organisation.